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How to configure the Candle parameter on an indicator ?

With the Candle parameter, which is sometimes called Offset, you can choose to use in your strategy the value of an indicator in the past. For example if your strategy is in daily (1D), you can use the moving average of yesterday or 10 days ago.

Configure the Candle parameter

By default, the value of the indicator at the current candle is used. You can use the value of the indicator at the previous candle by clicking on the Previous Candle button.

Candle parameter

You can also enter a custom value manually, following these rules:
- current candle = 0
- previous candle = 1
=> we add 1 as soon as we move back by one candle

Indexes of the Candle parameter


If you are in daily (1D) :

To choose today's moving average, click on Current Candle (candle = 0).

To choose the moving average of 3 days ago, manually enter a custom value (candle = 3).

This way you can create a condition that waits for today's moving average to be above the moving average of 3 days ago.

Updated on: 01/09/2020