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To access the backtest creation form, click on the + button from the dashboard, or on the New bot button from the bots page.

First choose the name of your backtest. We advise you to be as explicit as possible, for example Backtest Ichimoku 1.

Then choose the strategy that will be executed by your backtest. If you want to create a strategy, we also wrote an article on strategy creation.

Create a backtest 1/3

After clicking on Select a market, it's time to choose the trading platform, the pair and the volumes of your backtest. In a backtest, everything is simulated. You can choose the parameters you want! However, we advise you to use settings close to your real settings in order to have a more relevant backtest.

Create a backtest 2/3

Finally, you must choose the start and end date of this backtest. To simplify your life, we have added buttons to automatically configure a backtest on the last hour, the last day, the last 3 days and the last 7 days.

Create a backtest 3/3

All right! You just have to click on Create and launch your first backtest on past data! Remember that although a backtest provides a lot of interesting information about a strategy, past results do not predict future results.