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To access the bot creation form, click on the + button from the dashboard, or on the New bot button from the bots page.

First choose the name of your bot. We advise you to be as explicit as possible, for example Demo Test Ichimoku 1.

Then choose the strategy that will be executed by your bot. If you want to create a strategy, we also wrote an article on strategy creation.

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After clicking on Select a market, it's time to choose on which portfolio your bot will execute actions.

On Botcrypto, you can create virtual portfolios called demos. On a demo portfolio, actions will be simulated by your bot. This way you can safely test a strategy. You can also connect a trading platform. In this case, your bot will send orders directly to your trading platform. Be careful not to make a mistake.

Then select one of the available pairs according to your portfolio, and select the volumes you want to allocate to your bot. Your bot will only act on these volumes and will not touch the rest of your portfolio.

Create a bot 2/2

All right! You just have to click on Create and you can launch your first bot on cryptocurrencies markets!

Want more information? We made a video about how to create a bot! Even if it's with the old Botcrypto interface (and in french...), it's still relevant!

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