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How to enable webhook notifications?

Botcrypto offers two notification systems. A notification system on the website and a notification system via webhook. It is in particular the latter that will allow you to be notified in real time on applications like Discord and Slack, and thus on your phone if you have the mobile application!

Notifications on Discord

Login to Discord (if you are not there yet, create an account and join our server

Create a personal server (the bar on the left shows your servers)

Click on the name of your server in the top left corner, then on Server Settings

Click on Integrations (the 6th tab of the sidebar), then on View Webhooks, then on New Webhook

Enter the name of your webhook, select in which channel the notifications will be displayed and click on Copy Webhook URL

On Botcrypto, go to the outgoing webhooks page, click on New outgoing webhook, enter the name of your webhook and paste the value you just copied in the URL section

Once the webhook has been added to your account, go to the page of the bot where you want the notifications and click on Settings to display the bot's parameters

If your bot is paused, you can click on Modify which brings you to the form where you can select the webhooks you want to use.

Notifications on Slack

On your Slack add the Inbound Webhooks application

In the application configuration, you will find URL of the webhook

As for Discord (from point 6), add this URL to your Botcrypto account and then set up your bot to be notified via webhook

There you go! You know how to be notified on your mobile when your bot takes an action!

Having trouble?

Check that the URL is correct! There is always a Copy button next to the URLs on Discord and Slack, use it.
Contact us on our Discord server or on

Warning, webhooks are not 100% reliable! Log in regularly to monitor the activity of your bots.

If you want to use the Trading View webhooks in your strategies, then see our article on incoming webhooks:

Updated on: 11/01/2021