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How to refer my friends?

With the referral program, invite your friends on Botcrypto and earn money each time they subscribe!

Share your referral link which is in your account in the Referral section. It will look like this.

As soon as someone registers after clicking on your referral link, he becomes your godson and you become his godfather.

After clicking on your referral link, the person has one week to register. Otherwise, he will have to click the referral link again.

Your godson receive a voucher corresponding to 7 days of free Bronze subscription.

Each time one of your godsons subscribes, you receive 10% of the subscription amount.

The money is withdrawable monthly, by SEPA transfer after a request by email to If you cannot receive a SEPA transfer, please contact support at

Tips and resources

Botcrypto provides you with several banners to help you refer your friends on Botcrypto. Use them to increase the attractiveness of your messages and your chances to refer your friends!

Horizontal banner ("Right click" + "Save image as" to save the banner on your PC)

Vertical banner ("Right click" + "Save image as" to save the banner on your PC)
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