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This article is about incoming webhooks that you can manage here:

What are incoming webhooks?

These incoming webhooks are use to build trading strategies on botcrypto that must wait a signal from an external service, like Trading View.

This signal is a POST request to webhook URL that trigger the webhook state in your strategy.

Trading View example

We are going to setup an alert on that will trigger a buy order on

Create an incoming webhook

Go to the incoming webhooks page and click on "New incoming webhook".

A new webhook will appear with an URL that look like this:

You can create several incoming webhooks according to your subscription but you can re-use the same webhook in many strategies anyway. Use many webhooks allow you to get many alerts in input.

Create the strategy

In the strategy creator, us the webhook state.

In the state configuration, select the webhook identifiant previously created: d7f234165bf9a2e69686d7ba2f461fb3

By default, the condition will be pass once the webhook has been triggered at lest one time in the last 300 seconds (5 minutes) when the bot run.

Par défaut, la condition sera réalisée dès lors que le webhook aura été appelé au moins une fois lors des 300 dernières secondes (5 minutes) à l'exécution du bot. Remind you that a bot run when a candle close.

Strategy webhook → buy → end

Give a name to the strategy and save it.

You can now create and start a bot using this strategy. It won't do anything until the webhook is not trigger.

Create a Trading View alert

Go to a graph on and click on "Alerts". The form to create an alert open, check "Webhook URL" and past the full webhook URL previsouly created on botcrypto.

Create an alert on Trading View

Et voilà! When will trigger the alert, once the bot will run it will pass the webhook state and will go further in the strategy 🎉

You do not have to keep your browser open. So you can stop your computer and go for a cocktail, Bocrypto & Trading View are taking care of your trading🍹

Incoming Webhook VS Outgoing Webhook

Botcrypto offer you to be notified by webhook. Here we are talking about "outgoing webhook".

It is possible to use an incoming webhook URL as an outgoing webhook so you can transmit signals between strategies.
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