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As your count of strategies, bots, and store items grows in Botcrypto, it’s more and more challenging to keep track of those items. This is where labels come in. They help you organize and tag your work so you can track and find the work items you’re interested in.

With labels you can:

Categorize strategies, bots and store strategies using colors and descriptive titles like "bull", "scalping", or "loop"
Dynamically search and filter for an item

Access to labels

Strategy and bots labels

You can manage your own set of labels at : - by default you will have few labels preset.

Then you assign and unassign labels to your bots and strategies using the "labels" menu from the item card. Labels assigned to an item are displayed on its card.

Store labels

There is a predefined set of labels for strategies in the store that you can not edit.

"bull" - to use when market is going up
"bear" - to use when market is going down

"scalping" - high frequency trading
"swing" - low frequency trading
"invest" - investment

"loop" - strategy can loop, i.e. won't never stop unless there is a volume issue with the bot
"manual" - strategy will require you to open order(s) from the bot interface to keep going
"one-shot" - bot running the strategy will end after a trade

You can vote for labels among those offered and the most popular one will be displayed. So maybe labels you've choose to assign won't be displayed as they are not the most popular !

Some labels association are not allowed, like "bear" and "bull". So if you assign label "bear" and then the label "bull", only the last label (i.e. "bull") will be counted.

When you import a strategy with labels from the store, the strategy's labels will be also displayed on your new strategy unless you assign your own labels.

Updated on: 13/12/2020