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Trading contests


Trading contest on Botcryto are available

You need to have an account on Botcrypto.

To register, use the button Register 😁.

You can register to ongoing or future contests only.

You can quit, i.e. unregister, at any moment, by clicking on Unregister. You will be able to register again and will start with new portfolios.

Yours strategies are and will remain private ! We won't use them without your permission.

How it works

When you register, demo portfolios associated to contests are created : one portfolio per exchange with the contest name in the title.

Ranking is based on the value of your portfolio in BTC.

To win, you will have to do actions with your portfolio :
Create bots using the portfolios
Open orders from the portfolios page

At the end of the contest, the ranking is frozen.

After the end, portfolios are NOT deleted and bots are NOT stopped. So you will be able to follow your bots performances longer if you wish.

Be careful if you unsubscribe, portfolios and bots will be deleted.

How to create a contest?

If you have a contest idea, contact us! We are always looking for ideas and contests to make trading more fun.

We can also organize private contests. They are not visible for everybody and we manage the challenger list. If you're an organization or an influencer, contact us at

Special mentions

Some contests can be associated to events and you find info on the event in the description (on the contest page).

Botcrypto can exclude any challenger, update contests dates or delete it at any time.

Updated on: 11/01/2021