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What are bot statistiques ?

This article is about the data displayed at the bottom left of the bot page.

They are about statistiques & performance analysis of the bot, useful to determine if a srtategy is profitable or not !

Bot stats

At the top we have the current bot balance. It's how much the bot has currenlty.

Then we have a graph with the gain evolution in time. It's the gain converted in the quote asset (i.e. EUR on BTC/EUR). The graph is green if the current gain is positive, red otherwise (meaning a loss).

Pending profits. It's the sum of trades not closed. It is deplayed in the quote asset.

Net profit. It's the sum of gain of all closed trades. It is deplayed in the quote asset.

Win rate. The percentage of closed trades with a positive gain. It's an important to check when you modify your strategy. You should try to maximize it.

Average profit. It's the mean of gain of closed trades. This parameter is strongly linked to the win rate. You should try to maximize it.

Click on "see more" to display more parameters.

You will see:

Initial volume. It's the total volume converted in the quote asset when the bot has started.
Current volume. It's the bot balance converted in the quote asset. This volume doesn't reflect fees that would be apply by the broker if you close the pending trading! So you can have a pending profit negative event if the current volume is superior to initial volume.
Gain vs Hodl. It's the performance against the market. To get this value, we take the initial volume and we check how much we will have with the market growth, it give us he market performance. So Gain vs Hold is the ratio between the current volume and this market performance. Be careful with this result as someone who hold doesn't actually make any net profit. So if you have net profit positive and gain vs hold negative, you didn't loose because you actually made benefits. You must understand that holders has only pending profits and they can see the market go against them at any moment... With net profits, you have actually increase you capital.

Updated on: 04/11/2020